Restorations of the Villa Fannyhof.

Follow the restorations of Villa Fannyhof in 20 Posti in Haapsalu, Estonia.

Villa Fannyhof before the start of the restoration, winter 2021

The abundance of ornaments is a challenge for the restorer!

The restoration plan provides for the careful restoration of the original details. In this way, the historic splendor and quality of Villa Fannyhof's architecture is achieved.

Autumn 2021

The exterior facade of the house is beginning to take shape. As you can see from the pictures, the ornaments of the villa have been carefully restored. The colour scheme is as close as possible to the original. The "pearl" of the house becomes the tower chamber.

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Winter and spring year 2022

Villa Fannyhof is moving fast towards completion. Instead of the old sheds and laundry room, an outbuilding will be erected, and the pictures show the quality of the construction. The interior work will soon reach the stage when the interior finishers get their hands on the catcher. We try to preserve the historical atmosphere, because in the main house we do not build but restore.

Spring 2022, April-May

Work is underway and the city of Haapsalu will make sure that the entrance to Villa Fannyhof is properly paved by the opening day. The construction of our outbuilding is in full swing. The box is almost closed and it's time to start the internal work. The main building having a basement for Villa's stuff rooms. Historical details await the final touches of the restorers. Workers have already installed the first TV :) .
The work at Villa Fannyhof is moving towards the finish. The first rooms have kitchens in the main building, and the rooms will be soon furnished. The final finishes are underway in the common areas. The Linnapea Salong, where can be hold free exhibitions and concerts, will soon be ready. And the lilacs ... they seem to greet us with their abundance of flowers, defying the cold spring and showing us an a example - despite of all difficulties, what is to come shall come! Nice and soon will be opened to everyone ... our Fannyhof!

Summer 2022, June

Villa Fannyhof is nearing completion despite the world's logistical challenges. We will overcome all the difficulties and soon we will open the doors. The following kitchens are almost in place, sanitary equipment is waiting for users. The rooms will be filled with living furniture one by one. The lilacs have already let go of their ephemeral beauty, but the summer is going on and we will soon be able to enjoy the wonderful summer of Haapsalu together.

July 2022 — the first apartments are ready!

In July 2022, the first apartments in the main building were completed. The first visitors have already stayed and, as tells us, they are very satisfied with the experience they received! There is still a lot to do to complete the entire complex, but the finish line is not far away.

September 2022 — the project has ended. Here it is, Villa Fannyhof in all its glory!

The villa complex is ready. A total of 3 houses have been completely renovated — the main building with a unique tower chamber and 2 courtyard houses. The studio apartments, which are barrier-free and therefore wheelchair-friendly, are located in a modern courtyard house, in a quiet courtyard. There is also a sauna studio in the new building, which can accommodate up to five people on the sauna stage and two can sleep. Parking is in the courtyard, and the bedrooms are mostly located on the sides of the quiet courtyard. Spacious apartments are located in two restored courtyard houses, two of them are two-story. In the main building, there is a conference room for holding company events — trainings, seminars, etc. Linnapea Salong (The Mayor's Salon), located on the ground floor of the main building, is open to the citizens of the city for creative activities — exhibitions, music evenings and hobby groups are welcome and free of charge! But what can I write here, except that...your personal experience matters, feel free to come and try it! Try for yourself what it's like to spend the night like a Lord!